22 de agosto de 2019 - 2 de febrero de 2020

Placa de Inicio: Una celebración de los campos de polo

Since its construction in 1765, the Morris-Jumel Mansion has witnessed countless changes to the property and built environment. The original estate stretched from the Hudson to Harlem Rivers before being sold in parcels at various points throughout the 19th century and incorporated in the city grid. In 1890, the third incarnation of the Polo Grounds rose within the gaze of the Mansion on former riverfront property where the Morrises and Jumels harvested oysters. The iconic bathtub-shaped stadium at the Polo Grounds served as home to the New York Giants baseball team from 1891- 1957, the New York Yankees from 1913 – 22, the New York Giants football team from 1925-55, New York Mets from 1962-1963, as well as other professional teams and athletic events. This property, which lies east of the Mansion, just below Coogan’s Bluff, lays claim to some of the most exciting moments in American sports history. The exhibition will explore and celebrate those teams, players, and personalities that solidified the stadium as a New York icon and famed venue where local and national heroes cemented their reputations and legacies. Included in the exhibition are extraordinarily rare autographs, tickets, photos, programs, and other ephemera that serves to commemorate the ghosts of this legendary New York athletic pantheon.