A Black Gotham Experience, commissioned by the Morris-Jumel Mansion. Funded by Humanities New York. 

This audio experience, produced by Black Gotham Experience, commissioned by the Morris-Jumel Mansion, seeks to find the voice of Anne Northup in the shadows of this historic building and explore her story.

Her waking and interior life offer a world of discovery that we will walk through in four acts.

60–75 minutes
.25 miles

How to embark on this audio experience

The Morris-Jumel Mansion is the ideal location to hear NORTHUP. If you are visiting the Museum and Roger Morris Park, please note:

  • Hours for the Museum and Park vary. Please check our public hours before traveling to the site.
  • Information about hours and admission can be found on our visit page.
  • Upon arrival for the audio experience, please check in with the Visitor Services team in the Museum. They will assist you in orienting your journey.
    • The first stop is in the Park. For safety reasons, please have a member of the Visitor Services team help you exit the Mansion.
    • The last stop is also in the Park. Please ensure you have completed your entire Museum visit before exiting. A member of the Visitor Services team will help you exit the Mansion through the door near the gift shop.
  • If you are listening to this audio experience in the Museum, please use headphones as to not disturb other visitors.
  • While inside, seating is available at or adjacent to each tour stop.