September 22, 2018 - December 29, 2018

Shattered Dreams and Intimate Treasures

Shattered Dreams and Intimate Treasures explores the sentiments and objects that form Cara Lynch’s sumptuous, glittering and reflective work.

The pieces in the exhibition are directly influenced by nineteenth century assemblages- be it her sculptural references to Sailor’s Valentines or her reflective panels recalling the elaborately plated Venetian mirrors. The promises found on discarded cards and leaflets proclaiming access to the beyond or the fulfillment of dreams and wishes form the inspiration of her reflective pieces. These works pose questions or provide answers to the viewer while reflecting the image of the beholder in an artifice of acrylic mirrors and beads. Her reliefs are created through the selection of sentimental treasures offering an intimate and endearing look into the repurposing of objects that form bold, splendid collections recalling the romantic assemblages of previous centuries. With over fifty works and related memorabilia, the exhibition explores Lynch’s work through lithographs, relief sculptures, and reflective compositions.